About Sleepy Psalms

Good evening. This is Steve, your host and narrator at Sleepy Psalms, and I’m here to help you fall asleep.

Many of us listen to podcasts to help us sleep, and there are endless choices. There are fiction stories, real-life crime investigations, political, newsy and current affairs podcasts, comedy, and even thrillers and ghost stories.

And then we have Sleepy Psalms.

Why not take advantage of your nightly quiet time to rest with the word of God.

Perhaps you’d like to read the Bible more, but you just can’t find the time. Maybe you’re not a religious person but you enjoy the cadence of the King James English that I read at Sleepy Psalms.

Whatever your thinking, what better way to relax than to hear the comforting words of the Bible as you fall asleep.

To help you along we’ve added soothing background music, chosen with your sleepiness in mind.

If you fall asleep before the end of an episode and would like to read a transcript in the light of day, there is a link to our website in the program notes of most episodes.

So now, get yourself comfortable, take a deep breath and let it out slowly, as you relax your tired body from head to toe.

Try to focus on the words as I read them to you, and soon, without realizing, you’ll drift away into restful sleep.

Goodnight, and God bless.

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