Sleepy Scriptures Episode Thirty Five

Although Sleepy Scriptures episodes are composed to help you relax and perhaps fall asleep, its sometimes a challenge to get through some of the Old Testament books such as those containing detailed laws as delivered to Israel in Leviticus, or those with lengthy genealogies. Nonetheless, our goal is to make our way through the entire Bible in the Sleepy Scriptures manner, so no scripture will be left unread. But going forward, we’ll start each episode with New Testament chapters, followed by one or two Psalms, and our more challenging Old Testament readings toward the end.

We’ve completed the book of Proverbs so today’s episode comprises Luke chapters 13 and 14 from the New Testament, with Psalms 38 and 39, followed by Leviticus chapters 20 through 22, read as usual by Steve against relaxing music.

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Now its time once more to relax with some scripture on your mind as we begin today’s episode. 

Time well spent.

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