Ep. 62 Acts 19, Psalms 65 and Judges 5-8

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Welcome to Sleepy Scriptures. If this is your first visit and you enjoy today’s episode, you might want to start at the beginning by listening to episode one where began our journey through the Bible, read to you in an easy manner with soothing music so you can relax. In each episode we read chapters from the Old and New Testaments as well as a Psalm or two.

This is Steve, your host, and today I’ll continue the New Testament book of The Acts of The Apostles, with chapter 19, I’ll read Psalm 65, and we’ll continue the Old Testament book of Judges with chapters 5 through 8.

So let go of your cares of the day, and thoughts of tomorrow, get cozy and comfortable, and drift into the lyrical King James English that is Sleepy Scriptures, episode sixty two.

God Bless.