Ep. 68 Romans 1-2, Psalms 71 and 1 Samuel 5-8

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Today I’ll start the New Testament book of Romans with chapters 1 and 2. The book of Romans is a letter written by the apostle Paul to the church in Rome. He wrote it from Corinth in the year 57 A.D.. Also in today’s episode I’ll read Psalm 70 and continue the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel with chapters 5 through 8.

Before I begin, a quick word of gratitude to Kanani who donated to Sleepy Scriptures last week. I do appreciate your support in keeping Sleepy Scriptures going. For listeners wishing to help out there’s a donation link in the episode notes.

But relax for now, as I read episode 68 of Sleepy Scriptures.

God Bless.