Ep. 57 Acts 12-13, Psalms 60 and Joshua 8-10

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Welcome back to the second season of Sleepy Scriptures where you can relax or fall asleep while journeying through the King James Bible. Today I’ll read the Acts of the Apostles with chapters 12 and 13. I’ll read Psalm 60 and we’ll continue the book of Joshua with chapters 8 through 10.

This week’s Sleepy Scriptures will feature today’s episode and second episode on Tuesday. Then, our weekly readings will occur every Tuesday going forward.

If you’re listening on Spotify, you may have noticed that you now have the opportunity to make comments or send me questions through the app. I encourage you to take advantage of this feature and I’ll respond in the podcast as appropriate, in the episode notes or on the Sleepy Scriptures website.

Cornelia says, “Thank you for your obedience for sharing God’s word to so many. Would love to hear the rest till (the) book of Revelation. God bless you.”

Well, Cornelia thank you for listening and for your kind words. God willing, as long as there’s an audience, I’ll do my best to reach the last verse of the book of Revelation.

Another listener says Sleepy Scriptures is “Just what I’ve been looking for,” and asks if my accent is a bit of Liverpudlian or Wirral or perhaps even Icelandic, saying, “there’s a certain twang on certain words.”

I’m thrilled that you’ve found Sleepy Scriptures, and I encourage you and all my listeners to share each episode on your social media accounts to help others discover and join our relaxing journey through the Bible.

As for my accent well, you guessed it. I was born and raised in Liverpool, moved to Cheshire, and then spent most of my adult life in Canada, and I spend a lot of time in Texas these days. Never been to Iceland though.

I hope you’ve used today’s lengthy preamble to find that comfortable place, to snuggle up with eyes closed while you let your body relax from your toes to your quieted mind. It’s time to hear what the Bible has for you in todays episode of Sleepy Scriptures.

God bless.

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