Ep. 38 Luke, Psalms and Numbers

Its time again to close your eyes and relax to the soothing and lyrical words of scripture with meditative music. Today we’re continuing Luke’s Gospel, the Book of Numbers, and Psalm 42. Don’t forget to join us on YouTube where we’re adding some video to your Sleepy Scriptures. Now relax, and enjoy today’s episode. Transcript Links Luke … Read more

Ep. 35 Luke, Psalms and Leviticus

Our goal is to make our way through the entire Bible in the Sleepy Scriptures manner, with nothing left out. We start each episode with New Testament chapters, followed by one or two Psalms, and the sometimes-challenging Old Testament readings toward the end. We’ve completed the book of Proverbs so today’s episode comprises Luke chapters … Read more

Ep. 32 Luke, Leviticus, Psalms and Proverbs

Steve continues our journey through the whole Bible with readings of chapters 7 and 8 of the Gospel of Luke, Leviticus chapters 11 through 13, Psalm 35 and Proverbs chapter 29 in today’s episode of Sleepy Scriptures.  In Leviticus we delve into God’s laws for the early Israelites regarding cleanliness and hygiene, a little hard … Read more