Ep. 32 Luke, Leviticus, Psalms and Proverbs

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Steve continues our journey through the whole Bible with readings of chapters 7 and 8 of the Gospel of Luke, Leviticus chapters 11 through 13, Psalm 35 and Proverbs chapter 29 in today’s episode of Sleepy Scriptures. 

In Leviticus we delve into God’s laws for the early Israelites regarding cleanliness and hygiene, a little hard to absorb in today’s world, but very effective and much ahead of the times for which they were delivered. In keeping with our goal of hearing the entire Bible while we relax, just close those eyes and hear the words against the comforting backgrounds. You might even drift off to sleep, but that’s OK. This is Sleepy Scriptures. 

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Transcript Links

Luke Chapter Seven
Luke Chapter Eight
Psalm 35
Leviticus Chapter Eleven
Leviticus Chapter Twelve
Leviticus Chapter Thirteen
Proverbs Chapter Twenty Nine

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