Ep. 43 John, Psalms and Numbers

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In episode 43 of Sleepy Scriptures I read chapter 7 of the Gospel of John, then Psalm 47 followed by chapters 21 through 24 of the book of Numbers.

If this is your first visit to Sleepy Scriptures and you like what you hear, you might enjoy listening to our back catalog starting with episode one where we start our restful Bible readings from the very beginning with Genesis and Matthew. And don’t forget to follow Sleepy Scriptures wherever you listen, to make sure you don’t miss future episodes.

Now, its time to relax and get comfortable, and listen to the soothing words and music in episode 43 of Sleepy Scriptures.

God Bless.

Transcript Links

John Chapter Seven
Psalm 47
Numbers Chapter Twenty One
Numbers Chapter Twenty Two
Numbers Chapter Twenty Three
Numbers Chapter Twenty Four

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