Ep. 47 John, Psalms and Deuteronomy

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In episode 47 of Sleepy Scriptures I read chapter 12 of the Gospel of John, and Psalm 51, and we continue the book of Deuteronomy with chapters 3 through 6.

Do you know that many believe that listening to relaxing mindfulness meditations like Sleepy Scriptures can improve one’s physical and mental health? I hope you find today’s episode helpful to your wellbeing and peace of mind. I certainly do as I read the timeless words of the King James Bible, and its always a pleasure to find what I hope is just the right music and backgrounds to help you relax as you listen.

Now, put aside your memories of today, and your cares for tomorrow. Get cozy in your place of rest, and find some peace in episode 47 of Sleepy Scriptures.

God Bless.

Transcript Links

John Chapter Twelve
Psalm 51
Deuteronomy Chapter Three
Deuteronomy Chapter Four
Deuteronomy Chapter Five
Deuteronomy Chapter Six

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