Ep. 52 Acts, Psalms and Deuteronomy

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In today’s episode of Sleepy Scriptures I’ll continue with the Acts of the Apostles chapters 3 and 4. I’ll read Psalm 55 and continue the book of Deuteronomy with chapters 21 through 24.

Since the first Sleepy Scriptures episode aired in February 2022, I’m thankful that my weekly audience has grown into the thousands and, thanks to you, Sleepy Scriptures is counted among the top 10% of podcasts.

You may have noticed that unlike most podcasts, there are no advertisements within in the episodes. Ads aren’t very relaxing and often don’t mesh well with Bible readings. So rather than hosting paid sponsors, I rely on nominal $2 donations from my listeners to help me fund my music licensing and production costs.

Today, I can report that my weekly audience of thousands has, over the past fourteen months, gifted a grand total of two dollars. Many thanks to Wendy for her support.

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But enough about that, let’s relax for now and listen to today’s readings.

So get comfy, let go of worldly concerns, and drift away to episode 52 of Sleepy Scriptures.

God bless.

Transcript Links

Acts Chapter Three
Acts Chapter Four
Psalm 55
Deuteronomy Chapter Twenty One
Deuteronomy Chapter Twenty Two
Deuteronomy Chapter Twenty Three
Deuteronomy Chapter Twenty Four

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